Orbe Software, the division of Orbe Translations responsible for the IT sector, has developed our own system of centralization and management of communications. It allows strict control in the reception and response of the more than 1,500 e-mails that pass through every day and their redirection and traceability to specific departments.  
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To respond to our customers in the European, American and Pacific time zones, the "Control Tower" (which is what its members call it as they work like a control tower in an airport) is organized into three shifts covering 24 hours per day. It receives and processes all communications received either via email or telephone.

Our centralization and communications management system centralizes them and allows operators to classify them according to content, importance and urgency.

After classification, the expert system automatically sends communications to their different recipient, controlling response times and alerting different departments of the problems that may arise in the event of absence or tardy responses.
  The Control Tower, organized into three shifts covering 24 hours a day in order to manage the flow of communication between customers and the company, as well as between the company and its members.