Using its own engineers, Orbe Translations has developed our expert management system called Orbe Control. This great tool, coupled with an excellent work environment, contributes to each member and each team being able to produce their best work.  
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Those who know the way freelance translators work, know that the supposed benefits of developing their professional activity from home, freely managing their schedules and avoiding moving to an office, can also become disadvantages.

Not having a suitable place of work, suffering interference from other household members or the monotony that solitary work can cause are factors that are usually reflected in the quality and level of productivity.

Also, freelance translators are often forced to accept very large or complex jobs for which they do not have sufficient knowledge. They do this only in order to preserve continuity of work and to not risk losing a customer.

These difficulties lead to insecurity, stress or a state of distress for fear of failing to meet delivery commitments.
  Project managers and translators working under the coordination and with the support of those with more experience.