For Orbe Translations, training and education for translators and project managers are key for its business vision, as the orders are not outsourced, but instead produced in house by internally trained resources.  
In the strategic vision of Orbe Translations, the concept of internal translation production prevails over outsourcing. That is why investment in training and education of our technical and human resources makes all the difference.

Orbe Translations provides courses for internal personnel as well as for students and professional translators. These courses take place in our own offices or in the offices of other institutions.

The most popular courses are those related to computer-assisted translation (Transit XV/Nxt, Trados Studio, Across), Microsoft Office oriented translation tools and graphic programs.

Also very popular are the translation workshops, project management courses, quality control systems courses and the introductory course to the overall translation market.
  Giving courses and conferences for students and professional translators.